The Market Builder is an innovator in blending traditional and electronic direct marketing services. From thought to finish, we provide our clients with a service that is unmatched by other firms. While some claim to be able to handle your projects through completion, we actually can! Below is just a sample of the many tasks we can perform to make your next project a success.
Database Management
Database & Data Management
Our staff can easily setup, produce, or consult on data-tasks such as data keying, building templates, housing and maintaining databases, converting data, data-automation, up-front and back-end analysis, and demographic overlays.

List Services
List Services
Are you looking to target specific clients or specific business? Our list services can generate a vareity of data lists based upon multiple criteria. Using business codes, demographic breakdowns, or even distance-from-a-point information... we can build a marketing database that will help you reach your target audience.

Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing
Our production facility uses state of the art high-quality laser printers to customize and personalize letters and forms. Design pieces beyond just static data, insert dynamic graphics and variable data that stream together to target and deliver your message. You can custom select the size and quantity of your printed page, from simple postcards to 12 X 18 single and double-sided sheets. Afterwards, each project is processed to get you the maximum postal discounts.

High Speek Inkjet
High Speed Inkjet
Our precision equipment can print on a variety of materials in varying sizes. Combine that with production capabilities of over 15,000 pieces an hour and it's clear we can handle any job with ease.

Laser and Copy Service
Laser & Copy Service
When plain copies just won't work, customize your paper with variable data and dynamic graphics printed on either single or double-sided paper. Our machines can collate, tab separate, three hole punch, and even staple ... with little effort.

Internet Services
Internet Services
Our experience helps you blend traditional marketing into the digital realm of Internet communications and email marketing. The Market Builder will provide you with the services and infrastructure required to manage and deliver critical applications and communications in a truly innovative way. We provide the technical skill, website services and connectivity means that every company needs to operate in today's global environment.
No Hassles, No Excuses
Experienced direct marketers know why testing is so important. Why some lists, creative concepts, and offers out-pull others. Which produce the best response no one can predict. That's why testing is so important. Testing is what makes good direct marketing better.

Yet, many companies do not test. They say it's too much of a hassle ... the data isn't in the right format ... the IT department is too busy, the mailroom or telemarketing team can't handle the complicated requests. Or, their own marketing staff doesn't have time for tracking and follow-up. Each an "excuse".

The Market Builder routinely handles data manipulation, A/B splits, coding, tracking and analysis. Our skilled staff has the know-how to provide solid results. We understand the language of marketers. We have the technical expertise to manage complex jobs. We will help you maximize the results of your campaign ... without hassle.

We Are A Skilled Partner
With database expertise, marketing savvy and in-house technical production facilities, the Market Builder works to become your partner.

We'll eliminate costly duplicates, maximize your postal savings and reduce cycle time on mailings. We'll create, produce and blast your E-mail marketing campaign to your audience - on time. We'll produce and personalize all your marketing materials. We'll print, add inserts and deliver to the post office your direct mail. On the back-end, we'll handle literature fulfillment - all on your schedule.

For clients who require marketing guidance, The Market Builder will manage your entire project from thought to finish. Our experience includes brand building, customer retention and loyalty programs for both consumer and business-to-business marketers.

We stay on top of changing technology and evolving trends. All to help you successfully integrate E-commence into your traditional marketing and direct marketing mix.

What This Means For You
The Market Builder's combination of experience, expertise and equipment adds up to lower costs and better results for you.

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